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is developing the feature films:



(based on) a true story



the Leonard Bernstein biopic  



a thriller 

TOTAL NOVICE is the raw tale of two lost souls willing to do anything for a human connection as they plow through a sleepless night where drug-addled delusions transform a potential fantasy into a lethal nightmare.


After reckless behavior puts him in touch with a woman he would never otherwise meet, our guy agrees to let a porn star spend the night with him... As long as they don't have sex. A platonic love affair blossoms with a level of intimacy neither have ever encountered. And there is nothing casual about it. When they return to their respective worlds, they're drawn back together which leads to the worst possible outcome.

Leonard Bernstein, America's first and greatest conductor, and composer of West Side Story avoided serving in WWII by saying he had asthma. The truth was he smoked, he was a pacifist, terrified of war, he was gay, and he was at war with himself.


In 1943, he rose to international fame at age 25, but his celebrity went to his head and was fired from the NY Philharmonic shortly thereafter. Just four years later, no one would hire him as their music director. Only one country called out to him... Palestine - the nascent state of Israel, which frielded an orchestra or concentration camp survivors. And when war broke out, he came and conducted 60 concerts on the front lines. And in the cruible of war, he fought with all the demons who would haunt him the rest of his life.


a thriller


A geneticist attempts to clone his dead wife and ‘speed-grow’ her to a marrying age, but his first attempt creates a nine year-old girl who will never age whom he no has to be a father to, and while his second attempt results in the perfect clone, he can’t make her fall in love with him. Worse, she makes the younger clone jealous and more curious about her real mother that the young one researches who she was and discovers…

she’s actually still alive. 

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