Jade Lake is a one-stop Digital Agency & Story Ranch. We help you heard your stories where you want them to go. We collaborate with you to tell your story to the world based on your needs - whether you're preparing a keynote speech for a national conference or an enterprise video your sales team will use to monetize your message globally.


If you're looking for a video to share your start-up with the world or livestream a shareholder meeting with a 4k multi-cam set up, as well as from polished commercials to Behind-The Scenes mini-documentaries, we'll deliver whrsat you're looking for - expanding and contracting our team to your needs.

CEO & Creative Director, David Rodwin, is a master storyteller in many mediums. As a writer, director, and producer, branding specialist, social media director, storytelling coach and crowdfunding strategist.


David has helped dozens of speakers craft their message to boardrooms and high-stakes keynotes at conferences. Bringing his skills from 30 years in front of audiences as a comedian and storyteller to makes C-Suite executives confident, engaging and entertaining.

In LA, David worked on the writing staffs of scripted TV shows on CBS, TNT and Disney. He also wrote, produced and directed the written and video content for Fox TV's iPad apps for the shows American Dad and Glee.


David has directed commercial and corporate videos for companies from Microsoft to all kinds of start-ups.  His videos and crowd-funding campaigns have raised over $1,000,000 in seed funding for films, albums as well as driven ticket sales for films, theatrical productions and new tech products featured at CES. He even created the social media strategy for some of the "Real Housewives."

Whatever you're up to, David and Jade Lake will make your presentation shine and elevate you to the next level.

A winner of The Moth StorySLAM, and a comedian who's played on stages around the world, David's most recent show is now being turned into a feature film. 

In response to 9/11, David founded the NY-based non-profit arts organization Raw Impressions, Inc. to bring artists together and inspire them to create work of excellent, insanely fast. Through its film division RIPFest David produced 170 ten-minute musicals and 60 short films by Oscar-winning producers, Emmy-winning composers, and Tony-winning actors, not to mention scribes like the head writer of The Daily Show. The Sundance Institute acknowledged his work by inviting him to participate in their Producer’s Conference.


It's clear his Masters in Music from Northwestern and his politics degree from Princeton prepared him perfectly for such a career trajectory.